Image by Anisha Gittins 2013
Book Week @
St Patrick's Primary School

Welcome to the Book Week Wiki for 2013!

Book Week this year runs from August 17 - 23 and the theme is 'Read Across The Universe'. Check out our Book Fair information page and browse through the activities, songs and links on the wiki. Take part in the competitions and challenges to join in the fun and blast off with a book!

To help us celebrate our intergalactic reading journey, well known Australian children's author Deb Abela will be visiting St Pat's school on Thursday August 15. Deb will be talking to our students about her journey as a writer, how she comes up with such fantastic ideas for her novels and offering advice and encouragement to our own aspiring young writers. You can learn more about Deb and her wonderful books by visiting her website. Follow the link for a sneak peek of her latest series
'The Ghost Club'

Watch the trailer about Deb's novel Grimsdon. It's the story of Isabella Charm and her friend Griffin who were left behind when a massive wave broke Grimsdon's sea barriers three years ago and engulfed most of the city. They're still alive because of Griffin's fantastic inventions and Isabella's survival skills. But then they meet young Xavier Stone who asks them to trust him. . . But should they? There are dangers everywhere. . . . Can he really help them and is he really who he says he is? Grimsdon is a story of survival, friendship and learning to trust your instincts.

We have lots of Deb's books in our library so come on in and check them out. . . .

And remember . . . .
Books are like stars. . .
They light up the heavens
And ignite the imagination
To take you places
You never dreamed you could go.

(KG 2013)